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Where instead of throwing things away, we locally recycled those materials into fresh raw materials to power a thriving regional manufacturing economy.

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Where secondhand doesn’t mean second rate, but we develop subscription and reuse systems for our unwanted goods to power an equitable, thriving retail economy that everyone can afford.

Where instead of making the consumer responsible for single use goods and packaging, we pass smart legislation that reduces the amount of waste in our everyday lives.

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Where instead of accepting an unsustainable economy, we develop a resilient economy that runs on circular systems to eliminate waste in our consumption and our human potential.

That’s the promise of Circular Philadelphia.

Join us.

Circular economies don’t happen on their own.

They happen when individual actions meet collective impact, driving the systemic change that future generations so richly deserve.

They take all of us.

Which is why we’re combining our voices and actions to create a brighter, more responsible and more sustainable future than any one of us could achieve alone.

Introducing #CircleUp, a new campaign to promote the circular economy and inspire collective action towards greater circularity.

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Circular Philadelphia Member The Fath Collective


The Fath Collective

The Fath Collective’s mission is to re-frame how we wear, care for, and share our clothing. They design with purpose, embedding empathy into all things they create. They aspire to build community and change the narrative around the relationships we have with our clothing through circular, human centric design.

They became a member because they believe in the power of community and that change doesn’t happen alone. As a family owned and operated business, they embrace the “it takes a village” mentality to support the greater, sustainable good.



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