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Where instead of throwing things away, we locally recycled those materials into fresh raw materials to power a thriving regional manufacturing economy.

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Where secondhand doesn’t mean second rate, but we develop subscription and reuse systems for our unwanted goods to power an equitable, thriving retail economy that everyone can afford.

Where instead of making the consumer responsible for single use goods and packaging, we pass smart legislation that reduces the amount of waste in our everyday lives.

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Where instead of accepting an unsustainable economy, we develop a resilient economy that runs on circular systems to eliminate waste in our consumption and our human potential.

That’s the promise of Circular Philadelphia.

Join us.

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Photo of MOMs Organic Market - Circular Philadelphia Founding Member


MOM’s Organic Market

MOM’s Organic Market is a family-owned and operated organic grocery store with locations in the Philadelphia region and throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Their purpose is to protect and restore the environment, and for thirty-five years, they’ve been doing that through the products they offer, their recycling partnerships, and the way they run their business.

They became a founding member because of their belief in the mission and goals behind Circular Philadelphia’s main message: to create a circular economy. They live by circular economy values internally and also work to educate their customers to adopt the same practices.


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